I have had the pleasure of working with Von Goodwin for several months now. Von has assisted me in developing more focus in my career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. He has been invaluable to me as someone I can bounce ideas off of and know without a doubt that I am getting professional advice and direction! Meeting you, Von has proven that there are ABSOLUTELY no coincidences!!  L. Tarves


Von is a problem solver who understands human nature and works to maximize the effectiveness of everyone he advises. He has worked in literally hundreds of practices and uses his extensive knowledge and experience to find areas of weakness and to arrive at the best possible solution given the situation.
I highly recommend Von for any project in practice management. 
B. Bush

Von is a compassionate individual who is willing to find the right health care solutions for business owners and managers. I've worked with Von in the past and he was such a pleasure, detailed and very committed to making sure our needs were met in every way possible.  A. Dove

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Von is an expert at analyzing the unusual scenarios that your practice may have and finding ways to massage the system to accommodate your needs. He is a creative thinker, yet logical in his approach to finding solutions. He is also and excellent trainer, with wonderful teaching and interpersonal skills, as well as complete understanding of the capacity of the system. Von is also very dependable regarding following up on questions with answers and solutions for issues that could not be immediately resolved on-site. I would recommend him whole-heartedly.   G. Helmsletter

Von possesses an innate ability to read a room and put people at ease. Time and again I've seen him work through a training or consulting process, gaining consensus, addressing concerns, and mapping the path to resolution. He is the go-to guy for clients with concerns or issues: He knows how to listen and translate their situation where resolution and satisfaction can be gained, and fast. I recommend Von to anyone who needs to strengthen their relationships with their clients.     

K. Magnuson

I have had the privilege of working with Von on several occasions. He is a brilliant business man that brings his knowledge to your company without arrogance. Instead he makes you feel at ease with your questions and provides insights and direction that create "aha" moments for the staff and the CEO. I have hired him to come in for several days and truth be told I would like to hire him for several days every month! He is very reliable, efficient and he makes the learning and changing fun. I would highly recommend him to any organization seeking to improve...He is a fantastic coach and became a friend to our company. K. McCarthy